Terms For Unsolicited Materials

We do not accept unsolicited material

We do not accept unsolicited material, such as ideas, stories, content, concepts, materials, outlines, formats, rundowns for television programs, films, radio programs, live events, web sites, books, publications, apps, media, (“Material”) from third parties. DO NOT submit any such material to us through this web site.

Due to the legal ramifications of us accepting submissions of unsolicited Material, our policy is not to read or evaluate anything submitted to us through this web site once it becomes apparent that it is unsolicited material, nor do we accept any responsibility for such material.

Take note that we are in the business of creating, developing and commercially exploiting Material relating to a variety of projects. Material that we develop or control might have similar elements to Material developed by others, including unsolicited Material submitted to us through this web site. Any coincidental similarities between unsolicited Material submitted to us and our Material that is developed independently of that unsolicited Material will not entitle any the submitters of such unsolicited Material to any compensation or other rights in respect of our Material.

If you submit unsolicited material

If, despite the above, you submit unsolicited Material to us, then you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. We have no obligation to you in respect of such unsolicited Material;
  2. We are as entitled to enter into any arrangements regarding, and to create, develop and commercially exploit Material and projects incorporating, elements similar to elements in such unsolicited Material as we were before the receipt of the unsolicited Material;
  3. You waive any rights that you might have to make any claim against us, our directors, officers, employees, owners, agents, contractors, licensees and assignees in respect of such unsolicited Material, including any claim that we have appropriated the unsolicited Material or used it without permission; and
  4. Without limitation to 3, above, you acknowledge and agree that damages are a sufficient remedy for any cause of action you may have in respect of the unsolicited Materials submitted by you and you may not seek injunctive relief against us or any other party seeking to exercise rights in any Material or projects created by us.

* References to “we” and “us” above are references to Radio Karate Pty Ltd and any related entities.